Risk Management

Risk Management – Protecting What Matters: Your Family!

Insurance Products are designed to protect you and your family against uncertainties. These uncertainties can be short to medium term. They can be permanent, or both. Selecting the right product can be a maze of confusion. You have to make sure the insurance product is the appropriate one for its use, has the proper amount of protection, and the type and features are suitable.

Vaughan &Risk dice Drop shadow Associates will eliminate that confusion for you through our many years of experience and expertise. We will properly select the right insurance product for your unique situation, whether it be guarding against financial loss brought on by a premature passing, offset loss of income, reduce or eliminate debt, or to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

There are also life situations, like people with disabilities, where it makes it difficult to acquire these various types of insurance products. As experts in our industry, Vaughan & Associates are always sourcing out new products and services to provide specialty solutions to increase the quality of life for disabled people. Our mandate is to educate clients to have a better understanding of how insurance products meet their needs. As a result, they will benefit with financial security and overall peace of mind.

Term Insurance

Term Insurance, also known as temporary insurance, provides coverage for a specific length of time, usually 10, 20, or 30 years. It is would be used for protection to offset a debt with a time limitation like a mortgage or saving for a child’s education.

Permanent Insurance

This is also referred to as Whole Life or Universal Life. This product is ideal to offset a liability however long you live. Examples are funeral costs, estate taxation , pay the taxes on the transfer of the family cottage to children.

Critical Insurance

Critical Illness shopping-cart-insurance-products-123Insurance is a form of insurance that provides you with a one time, tax free payment if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. The money you receive can be used however you choose, relieving you of financial stress while you recover.

Layered Insurance

Layered Insurance is exactly what it sounds like – it’s several different types, or durations, of insurance products, such as Term or Permanent insurance, layered on top of each other to create a customized solution that evolves as your need for protection and savings change.

Long Term Care

This Insurance provides you with the support and financial resources necessary to cover the out-of-pocket expenses for care at home or in a facility, when you can no longer care for yourself.

Non Medical Insurance


Non Medical Insurance can be an excellent insurance solution for people with health conditions. Unlike traditional life insurance, this product does not require a medical test or doctor’s report. It is typically underwritten with just a few medical questions. And usually it takes a few days to be issued. There are two basic plans:

Simplified Term Life Insurance

Simplified Life is designed for applicants who have less serious health conditions. If you want coverage for your lifetime and you do not have really serious health conditions or you just want to get coverage fast, this may be the plan for you. Full protection starts with this plan as soon as you are approved.

Deferred Term Life Insurance

Deferred Life is a solution for hard-to-insure applicants who have term or permanent insurance needs. Many applicants with serious health conditions or those who were previously declined for insurance find that they qualify for this plan.

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