“It is our mission at Vaughan & Associates to take our clients from where they are to a better place, a place of financial wellness. We use our expertise in the areas of finance and life skills to achieve this mission.”

Hand-holding-a-Success-3D-SphereVaughan & Associates team members have been offering services to clients for the past 27 years. Over these years we have established long lasting relationships with the people that we have assisted through honesty, integrity and trust.

We have developed the expertise that enables us to align ourselves in many areas of service . This allows us to extend a helping hand to our clients, thereby improving the quality of their lives.

We work with the clients of disability organizations such as:

  • MS Society of Canada,
  • Canadian Mental Health Association.
  • Ontario Disability Support Program, and
  • Community Care Access Centres.

We have come to understand that those affected by a disability could use our guidance  This can give comfort to the families of those who are faced with day to day trials and difficulties in their lives.

We at Vaughan & Associates extend our hand to you; a hand up to a healthier financial future!

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